D&R Nomos fn

Deleuze’s Difference and Repetition (Repetition in Itself)

n6. See E. Laroche, Histoire de la racine nem- en grec ancien, Paris Klicksieck, 1949.  Laroche shows that the idea of distribution in nomos-nemo does not stand in a simple relation to that of allocation [temno, diao, diaireo].  The pastoral sense of nemo (to pasture) only belatedly implied an allocation of the land.  Homeric society ad neither enclosures nor property in pastures: it was not a question of distributing the land among the beasts but, on the contrary, of distributing the beasts themselves and dividing them up here and there across an unlimited space, forest or mountainside.  The nomos designated first of all an occupied space, but one without precise limits (for example, the expanse around a town) – whence, too, the theme of the ‘nomad’.

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