Guattari on Subjectivity


The same movement towards a polyphonic and hetergenetic comprehension of subjectivity leads us to consider certain aspects of contemporary research into ethology and ecology.  Daniel Stern, in The Interpersonal World of the Infant, has notably explored the pre-verbal subjective formations of infants. He shows that these are not at all a matter of “stages” in the Freudian sense, but of levels of subjectivation which maintain themselves in parallel throughout life. He thus rejects the overrate psychogenesis of Freudian complexes, which have been presented as the structural “Universals” of subjectivity.  Furthermore, he emphasizes the inherently trans-subjective character of an infant’s early experiences, which do not dissociate the feeling of self from the feeling of the other.  A dialectic between “sharable affects” and “non-sharable affects” thus structures the emergent phases of subjectivity.  A nascent subjectivity, which we will continually find in dreams, délire, creative exaltation, or the feeling of love…

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