Notable documents on my computer that reference nomos…

in order according to “last opened”:
lectures notes on lyotard
eugene thacker on nomos and biopolitics
r bogue
homo sacer
murray – nome and law/ emergence deleuze
deleuze dictionary
kerslake on nomads
ranciere – who is the subject of the rights of man?
****Dean, Mitchell  A Political Mythology of World Order: Carl Schmitt’s Nomos: TCS
In Defense of Emnity – Dissertation
Foucault’s Berkeley lectures on parrhesia
comments on Agamben – Sovereignty and Life
‘the italian difference’ article about Agamben’s Time That Remains that deals with Katcheon and Anti-Christ (anomos) – a theme of Schmitt’s Nomos
Couple potentially throw-away lines in a Charles Taylor article
RBJ Walker Paper
Throwaway lines in the Lyotard reader about nomos regulating circulation of goods
**Excellent critique by Ken Surin published in SAQ
Foucault STP on shepherding (early ‘conduct’)
Tiqqun contribution to the ongoing war (recent fr repub) – p 32, 66, 76, 86
Janell Watson on D&G v Schmitt SAQ
Ranciere 10 Theses on Politics – Thesis 8
Difference and Repetition p36 & fn
Quick example in argument in Genosko’s Guattari, Aberrant Intro in misunderstandings of transversality p60
Schmitt – theory of the partisan
Catherine Malabou in Deleuze: Blackwell Reader — on relation to hegel and anomolie (also found in Agamben)
Rasch on Human Rights
Prozorov – on liberal enmity
Alexandre Lefebvre on nomadic nomos and Deleuzian jurisprudence
Dillon and Reid — “indistinction” of physis/nomos and IR

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