Trails of Thought: Uses of Schmitt and the Political?

McCormick —
Funny use in Virno — on the italian thought stuff (virtuality and revolution…
**indebted to history of hegelian recognition (master/slave)
[[different than figures like yin/yang or practices of south pacific islanders… (stance toward other is welcome, but not always )]]
–masculinist heroism, warrior type mentality?  risks?  high stakes?
totality — would be necessary in order to make an opening…
D&G w/ socius = rather an “open system”
takes a sovereign to declare friend/enemy! [critique of sovereign subject in AO]
— is that “the” state image of thought?
what passage in lyotard?
–figure out a model of social relations!  don’t do the dialectical, not organs, only thing left = language games (like singularities, forms-of-life, but don’t read them as inevitably at war with one another…)
–protevi is trying to talk about how those impositions are implanted…
D&G fall into it by calling it a war machine….patton suggest we rename war machine.  what would be lost??

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