New Whatever Singularities

I think I may have found Claire Fontaine’s cousin!

Wu Ming.  They were initially a group that used the Luther Blissett nom de plome to write an anarcho-syndicalist novel and manifesto, later creating a new collective identity to continue their work.

Here’s a funny video introduction:

For more background info, check out the wiki page

They have written a ton of stuff (  A recent critique of summit protests has been making the rounds (also published as the preface to the Verso Revolution series book on Luther-

Of personal interest appear to be their satire of primitivism Guerra agli Umani (War on the Humans).  Too bad it’s only in Italian and French.

4 thoughts on “New Whatever Singularities

    1. i don’t know nearly enough about them yet to render judgment. i did read that some of their early political enthusiasm was focused on the zaps.

      i wonder how much, after the fall of large swathes of ‘actually existing socialism’ that the historic antagonism between marxism and anarchism is opening up to more fruitful avenues of synthesis?

  1. hey AC,
    I love Wu Ming very much and wish they were anarchists, but they’ve said explicitly they’re not, weren’t, and won’t be. :( I don’t recall where but I know it’s in some interview or more than one. It may be that the distinction is unimportant or overblown (that’s my impulse), but I’m pretty sure that’s not they’re opinion. at least it didn’t used to be, they may have changed it. They’re good about replying to inquiries, you might write and ask them.
    take care,

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