The Only Good Fascist Is A Dead Fascist

He should be forgotten. In the best ab/use of history, we should let that sleeping dog lay in His cold grave.

That fascist spent His whole life legitimizing the status quo. Have reader’s eyes become so blurry and mind so dull that they don’t see what’s right in front of them?

The resurgence of His thought is just clambering for false decisiveness in an age of speed and intensity. Manufactured exclusivity. Sneaking rationalism in through the back door to reassure petty academics that ‘theory _is_ politics’. [At least He had the ear of the President, of the Führer. He fancied himself to be the next Machiavelli.]

And while we’re at it, forget his friend’s piss-poor ‘Mythic Force of Law.’ All he cared about was the law, which needs ex post facto legitimation. The barbarians are uncontrollable. What the world needs now is heart, not reason.

De-nazification might be possible, I suppose. Demythologize by subtraction: focus the critique of the ontotheological tradition. By what’s left of political theology and vitalism when cleansed of the onto and the theological?

Nothing. Which is where ‘Civil War’ emerges (hostis, forms of life, blah blah blah). But. “There is a false profundity in conflict, but underneath conflict, the space of the play of differences. The negative is the image of difference, but a flattened and inverted image, like the candle in the eye of the ox – the eye of the dialectician dreaming of a futile combat?”

Passive vitalism may be the antidote. Especially now that someone has been bold enough to call it ‘queer.’

One thought on “The Only Good Fascist Is A Dead Fascist

  1. re: vitalism

    it’s like nazism has made people absolutely allergic to vitalism. the result, in many circumstances, is the most irritating form of either rationalism or social constructionism.

    can’t wait until people realize that bio-politics =/= bio + politics, but rather a dispositif that operates at the scale of the population. [grumble grumble]

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