affect = power

In a recent movie that glorifies the criminal struggles of car culture, the protagonists have to “pull one last job to gain their freedom.” But this thrilling depiction of libertine struggle has not created a radical culture of popular resistance; it is the latest Hollywood blockbuster and has grossed over $169.7 million. Franco “Bifo” Berardi provides in Precarious Rhapsody a shockingly conservative account of similarly perplexing events in the present moment. Bifo argues that hyper-capitalist oversaturation is causing a cognitive overload that exceeds the rate of sublimation and therefore drives a panic-depression cycle. One of his favorite examples: Prozac-addled stock traders caused the recent financial crash because of an unfounded optimism that could only come from overuse of anti-depressants. Do we really live in an age of ‘dark desire’ where things are getting too fast and too furious to control? [no]

Is the era where ‘power produces more than it represses’ the Age of Sad Passions? [no]

And, in an era that ‘produces more than it represses,’ why haven’t the large decentralized networks that expand at an exponential rate forced older more centralized systems of power into exile?

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