Disemboweling the Metropolis (complete)

This post contained an draft version of a dissertation section. A more recent version is now available on the works page.

2 thoughts on “Disemboweling the Metropolis (complete)

  1. Some super powerful lines here. In particular I like this one:

    “The Metropolis’ veins open only when we walk its streets like strangers, no longer comforted by a place that always seemed to make sense, unsettled and hungry to figure out why everything looks so invincible although we are told it is all crumbling around us.”

    Been feeling that unsettled hunger for a while.

    1. hunger may be our greatest asset. but after years of mistreatment, the hunger pangs grew so sharp that our stomachs had no choice but to became rocks. we have forgotten what power tastes like. anything and everything now looks like food, but none of it is nourishing enough make us strong. convinced that our captors simply ignored us, we basked in the attention they gave us, even if it was only to scold us as children.

      we cannot outsmart or out-plan our enemies; we are injured dogs. but our entrapment gives us a tenacity that frightens them. we may be lost but we are not forgotten. even if we can’t rise like lions, we will fight with a fury and rage like this world has never seen.

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