I don’t wanna be anyone. I don’t wanna be anything.

This post contained an draft version of a dissertation section. A more recent version is now available on the works page.

7 thoughts on “I don’t wanna be anyone. I don’t wanna be anything.

    1. Amendment: I really like the Guy Ben Ner piece. Once I got into it and the stiff dialogue stopped bothering me, I thought it was really charming. I’m still scratching my head over the Trash Humpers, though…

      1. yeah Trash Humpers is a strange film, it remainded me of Agamben’s study of Profanations, perhaps its a kind of documantasion of profanations, mainly of garbage cans. the director says the masked one’s are exemplifieing the spirit of the nation (usa). but as nonsensical the film is, i found this bit of it to be actually quite lucid.

  1. Nice to see a nihilist perspective on AWC. Refreshing stuff. Anarco-commie positive projects feel a bit silly even if some of their underlying theory can be rich. More in this line pleeeease.

    No Future!

  2. Now that you explain it, I can understand what you see in Trash Humpers mr green. More on this soon, but I’m interested to hear if viewers would conceive the monologue as populist elitism or not.

    One way to pose the question:
    Is TH self-critique that disavows the speaker’s implication in the critique? And if that is the case, how would we label such a rhetorical position? (My suggestion: elitism)

    Alternately, Inocente already presented the “culture is shit” position, but perhaps from outside that culture? But what is the rapport between that external position and the culture it critiques? (constitutive outside or line of flight?)

    Ultimately, Inocente has more “depth.” But is depth strategically better or does it just pre-figure it own recuperation?

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