6 thoughts on “The Dark Age of Appetites

  1. i wanted to say I’m enjoying this series of posts on affect and emotion, the passions and their logics. I especially love your style and tone. I’m not sure if I can follow you all the way- for tactical reasons more than anything else; but also because, with your psychiatric example, I can list from experience plenty of “madmen” who are confined because they will harm themselves, I’ve seen a few succeed. At any rate, its a passionate prose you got going on. I need to stop by here much more frequently!

    1. thanks! i really appreciate the kind words. and perhaps my hyperbole got the best of me: i believe mental illness exists, is often experienced as painful or self-destructive, and is best treated with a combination of therapy and medicine. that said, i believe that while bodies are prone to certain illnesses, it is a “sick” society that triggers them. and because of that, no amount of society as will know it will ever bring true relief.

      also – it looks like the thatcher demos were fun. i wish more anarchists were enjoying themselves that much.

      1. On Thatcher! Yes! I ummed and ahhed a lot, not having been present at the original parties, and having an immediate sense of what socialists like Owen Jones were writing- that there was nothing to celebrate, that Thatcherism lived on in the neoliberal policies of the Blair and Cameron governments and across the world.

        A friend who attended a party in Brixton and the Trafalgar Sq. party told me he got a sense of an awareness of that, of a kind of feeling that in the absence of anything to celebrate let’s celebrate!

        On mental illness, I think the relations between body, mind, and the social field are more complex than we could do justice to in blog posts or comments boxes; but to add anyway, I’d want to say that its more complex than a society producing experiences of distress…which is certainly not to say that society doesn’t produce illnesses at all. The question has to be asked of each psychopathology- how much of this is organic, genetic, neurological, organological at any rate…and how much of it is down to malignant “social” forces, and what are those forces exactly. Its a problem that can only be gestured at really, through the production of singular maps or (as dmf from the ANTHEM blog writes) “proto-types” that trace these singular relations as best as we can.

        At any rate, I’ll be reading more regularly and commenting more (time permitting).

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