7 thoughts on “No writing today…

  1. thanks for both of the suggestions!

    Keith: I have a couple other things that are perhaps more spatial and might play better in that venue. It looks like a good one, though, so I’ll def be submitting something there soon.

    sj: I think I have just the thing for rabble – some of the provocation pieces I’ve been working on. The article I posted above sadly lacks all rhetoric. I bleached it dry for academic journals.

    Hope both of you are well :D

  2. There’s a long running anarchy 101 thread there under the ‘activism’ forum, that I’ve been linking in odds and sods of interest for some time, including this site, attributed of course. It could certainly stand fresh insight.

  3. Thank you. Doing well and hope for the same where you are. Our version of the Patriot follies was re-introduced in recent days, constituting a return to the normal functioning of the law in fact, after having been held in abeyance for several years, constituting a period of exception where constitional rights were at least provided lip service.

    1. Yikes. I’m not much of a civil libertarian, given that I can’t imagine “rights” existing outside of either a social contract or the coercive force or state institutions, but I am quite taken aback by what it signifies: that the State has declared its intentions to use coercive force and has ‘irrigated’ the avenues through which it will utilize it.

      Interesting coincidence: I’ve been reading about the Red Army Faction for the second part of the chapter that I’m writing. And while their ideology was most explicitly linked with ’68-era (armed) national liberation movements, a large part of their popular support seems to have derived from early opposition to German’s own Emergency Laws. In fact, the collapse of Germany’s SDS after their failure to prevent the passage of the Emergency Laws seems to have polarized/catalyzed the rise of the RAF.

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