Strategies for the Subversion of the Metropolis (draft chapter)

subvert metr

This post contained an draft version of a dissertation section. A more recent version is now available on the works page.

The Horizon

z_horizonI can finally see an end to my diss. After being directed to cut my unwritten chapter and go immediately to rewrites & conclusion, I won’t be writing much new material over the next two months. Which raises the question, what to do about the blog?

So I ask you, my kind readers, what I should I do?

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“Who are our nomads today, our real Nietzscheans’?”


In a difficult to find essay published in a 1977 collection on Nietzsche, Deleuze ends his piece “Nomadic Thought” (an argument against Kant, neo-Kantianism, and the dialectic) with this wonderful point on nomads:

One final point remains to be made. Let us go back to that grand passage in The Genealogy of Morals about the founders of empires. There we encounter men of Asiatic production, so to speak. On a base of primitive rural communities, these despots construct their imperial machines that codify everything to excess. With an administrative bureaucracy that organizes huge projects, they feed off an overabundance of labor (“Wherever they appear something new soon arises, a ruling structure that fives, in which parts and functions are delimited and coordinated, in which nothing whatever finds a place that has not first been assigned and coordinated, in which nothing whatever finds a place that has not first been assigned a ‘meaning’ in relation to the whole”‘). It is questionable, however, whether this text does not tie together two forces that in other respects would be held apart – two forces that Kafka distinguished, even opposed, in The Great Wall of China. For, when one tries to discover how primitive segmented communities give rise to other forms of sovereignty – a question Nietzsche raises in the second part of The Genealogy – one sees that two entirely different yet strictly related phenomena occur. Continue reading ““Who are our nomads today, our real Nietzscheans’?””