Today’s Task, Nov 14, 2015

Identify and build the coincidence between an anti-fascist response to the Paris attacks and solidarity with black struggles against the American university.

On the one hand: the Paris attacks are obviously the work of a fascist ideology. Identifying it as fascism usefully illustrates the inadequacy of national responses, as they share the common cause of ethnic chauvinism. Digging deeper, it also reveals the hidden aporia of humanism, which harbors the liberal fascism of recognizing only those who believe in the project of univeralism as part of the universal.

On the other: black students are in open conflict with the institutional form of the American university. They are exercising the “right to revolt” as a key mechanism for undermining the self-miraculating nature of constitutional power – that dangerous form of authority that claims that the people authorizes its right to rule while simultaneously using liberal proceduralism to wage a silent civil war against its own population.

How do we unify the two perspectives, build their coincidence, and expand their power?

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