Interregnum: Week 3

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Interregnum Week 3
This week and the following week have less content. There are two reasons: first, I commuted fewer times, and second, I used some commutes to read comparative mythology for a paper on Prometheanism. Most important so far has been Jean-Pierre Vernant’s writing on Hesiod.
The first lectures are from a session on socialist feminism and utopia. Their most provocative claim is that socialists should turn away from Marx toward figures like Robert Owen, Henri Saint-Simon, and Charles Fourier. And from those figures, they drew concrete lessons about making socialism into a way of life. As one speaker puts it, they see socialist feminism as a radical form of social work.
The second lectures are part of a series on transdisciplinarity and anti-humanism. Peter Osborne’s introduction to transdisciplinarity is refreshingly open-ended, and it resonates with earlier reading that I have done on Félix Guattari’s concept of “transdisciplinary meta-modelling.”…

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