Fall 2019 Speaking Engagements

Fall 2019 Speaking Engagements

September 13th, University of Alberta, Ahuman Pedagogies lecture series

October 3rd, University of California, Los Angeles, Information School graduate colloquium series

October 7th, Texas A&M, Global Studies lecture series

October 12th, Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts, The Post-human Network roundtable on “Haunted by Cybernetics”

November 8th, American Studies Association, panel on “Costuming Resistance”

Late November, University of Buenos Aires, Deleuze Practical Ontology (unconfirmed)

I am also running Fall 2019 West Hollywood Aesthetics and Politics! lecture series, which is free an open to the public for Friday evening lectures at 7:30 at the West Hollywood Public Library.

Our lineup is:

September 27th, recent CalArts MA in Aesthetics and Politics graduates Claudia Grigg Edo, Eloy Neira, and Josh Widera

October 18th, Nandita Biswas Mellamphy, University of Western Ontario

October 25th, Sarah T. Roberts, University of California, Los Angeles

November 22nd, Dominic Pettman, The New School

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