is empire a haecceity?

if empire ain’t a thing, then is it a haecceity (a fog, a wind, a storm, a summer, an hour)? there’s all this talk about ‘the multitude’ being a haecceity. but let’s clarify our terms so we’re not caught up in ‘multitude is better than empire because it shares an ontologically privileged status’ or all that other mumbo-jumbo we’re been hearing. …

so here’s D&G in ATP: p 261-3

There is a mode of individuation very different from that of a person, subject, thing, or substance. We reserve the name haecceity for it.33 A season, a winter, a summer, an hour, a date have a perfect individuality lacking nothing, even though this individuality is different from that of a thing or a subject. Continue reading “is empire a haecceity?”