Ghost Stories & Nightmares Published

Please check out this wonderful new publication, Three Word Chant, by the folks at Giles Corey Press.

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Transcript of a talk I gave January 21st, 2012, as part of an Occupy event entitled “Symposium of V for Vendetta”

The second in a series, which began with “Ghost Stories.” 

Lately, academics have been throwing around a new buzzword. Like all buzzwords, it is repeated to the point of meaninglessness. And academics, being the fragile creatures they are, feel it necessary to use the term to show that they are initiated members of some elite club, even if they’re not sure what the term really means. That word is political “imagination.” It is my intention to take that vague idea and give it a little meat. The way I plan to do so, is to talk about one form of imagination: our dreams. Continue reading “Nightmares”