The document will open with the statement that, “Escape is the oldest story of freedom. It is also the simplest.” But, rather than immediately explaining the statement, it will pair freedom with revolution. The general argument is that escape as a political concept is inextricably tied to the two general ideas of freedom and revolution. What follows is a conception of escape that does not ‘get away from it all,’ but dynamically constitutes a ‘tactical distance’ for the radical transformation of society. Continue reading “escape”

Running to the Hills

Avoiding the state was, until the past few centuries, a real option. A thousand years ago most people lived outside state structures, under loose-knit empires or in situations of fragmented sovereignty.11 Today it is an option that is fast vanishing … Continue reading “Running to the Hills”

Ungovernable Spaces

By now, Hakim Bey’s Temporary Autonomous Zones functions as a critical point of comparison for any theory of autonomous space.[1] More recent innovations include Tiqqun’s[2] Zones of Offensive Opacity (ZOOs). Continue reading “Ungovernable Spaces”

Outline of “Apparatus of Capture” Plateau – Deleuze and Guattari

A Thousand Plateaus: “Capture”

Outline by “Anarchist Without Content”

PDF here.

Draft copy. Do not cite without permission. Please email comments or suggestions.

Continue reading “Outline of “Apparatus of Capture” Plateau – Deleuze and Guattari”

The Geometry of Revolution

The openings created by the Maya Prophecies for 2012 mark a political and cultural challenge to the onto-theological metaphysics deeply embedded within European thought that have long blackmailed revolutionary possibilities.  In this talk I will briefly interrogate how to crack the thin veneer of vulgar revolution to open a path that makes ‘steps’ toward true revolution possible.  Methodologically, I posit a diagrammatic thought that looks to machines that extract and re-articulate forms of resistance, as shown by a series of visual examples. Continue reading “The Geometry of Revolution”

A Million Apologies

Sorry for the extended absence. I was facing a potentially serious legal/disciplinary situation.

I’ll have some musings on it once it has passed completely.

A tiny morsel: Not a single day passed when I didn’t think of Foucault’s article “About the concept of the dangerous individual in 19th century legal psychiatry” and the incitement to discourse more generally. Here’s a snippet from Foucault’s opening passage: Continue reading “A Million Apologies”