The deepest apologies for my extended absence. While I rarely use this platform to discuss anything personal, I imagine a few of you might be interested in why I haven’t been posting. In the last couple months I have:

1) Applied for and was awarded the most competitive fellowship at my university. Previously, I designed and taught 14 courses. Now, I have zero teaching or other work responsibilities for the next 12 months.

2) Submitted an interview with Claire Fontaine to Radical Philosophy that was accepted. The interview, with accompanying images, will be appear in stunning high resolution color in the September – October issue.

3) Submitted two papers for review. One is a Deleuzian critique of Schmitt’s ‘autonomy of the political’ and ‘decisionism’ based on D’s metaphysics of passive syntheses (w/ help from Clare Colebrook’s recent work). The other is a consideration of a variety of Deleuzian approaches to Virtual Communism.

4) Attended my third conference of 2012. I began the year with a Comp Lit conference at Binghamton, followed it up with Cultural Studies Association in San Diego, and most recently presented at Historical Materialism in Toronto.

5) Wrote abstracts for upcoming publications. Too soon to have anything to talk about.

6) Dissertation writing.

The next year:
1) I will apply for academic jobs beginning in the fall. This is frigthening, as all I heard is doom and gloom. Any kind words or help in the search are welcome.

2) I plan on finishing the first part of my dissertation (which is about 2/3 of the length of the diss) by the end of the calendar year.

3) I may travel a bit, given that I am free of site-specific teaching obligations. A friend has invited me to possibly teach a day of a seminar in San Francisco this fall. The first two tasks (job + writing) trump everything else, however. Yet, if you would like to invite me to your town/campus, please let me know and I’ll try to work something out.