picking the right midwife for the birth of the post-human

Lévi-Strauss’s structuralism was, therefore similar in motivation to psychoanalysis, phenomenology, and certain forms of Marxism and existentialism; all these movements depicted ‘man’ as the being who is _other than mere_ life, whose desire for what is not immediate and present separates him from all positive being and compels him to enter some structure of deferral of present desire for the sake of an anticipated and collectively recognized human end.
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Resonance: A New Image of Communication

As the phrase goes, “the communication between two terms generates an independent third.”

Resonance isn’t found by plumbing the interiority of two singularities, or even their overlap. (A U B)

Rather, resonance is an external force in-between singularities that incites forms of content and expression.

Dominic Smith’s response article to Badiou’s Clamour of Being is an amazing descriptive piece that lays the groundwork for theorizing this form of inter-action: Continue reading “Resonance: A New Image of Communication”

Politics today is nothing more than the expression of the domination of dead structures over the entire range of living production

The historical communist parties, prisoners of antiquated paradigms of production, did not even succeed in imagining the revolutionary force of the social mode of production which was in the process of emerging. Incapable of separating themselves from centralist organizational models deriving from a paradigmatic split between the avant-garde and the masses, they found themselves disoriented and frightened in the face of the unexpected self-organization of a social movement. Continue reading “Politics today is nothing more than the expression of the domination of dead structures over the entire range of living production”

PhD Exam Reading List

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From Commune to Commun-ication in the Heat of Insurrection

From Raúl Zibechi, Dispersing Power, p 60-4:

Maturana and Varela argue that in communication there is no “information transmitted” but only a linkage of behaviors. They question the so-called “metaphor of the tube,” according to which ‘communication is something that is generated in one spot, carried by a conduit (or tube), and delivered to another at the receiving end.” Continue reading “From Commune to Commun-ication in the Heat of Insurrection”

guattari’s “next book”


A piece of a sketch [_plan_] – in the style of the Wall of China according to Kafka.


  • Criticism of the last book and response.
  • Self-criticism: Volume I was counter-dependent on constituted ideologies ([Psycho]analysis, Stalino-Trotskyism, etc.).
  • Schizo-analytic method for writing a book about schizo-analysis.  Not claim that the socius and history have to be “rejoined” but start from there ad never lose sight of them.
  • Challenge the theory-ideology opposition.
  • Theory is, or need to be, instrumentalist, functionalist (mathematicians don’ts ponder over the scientificity of a concept).
  • Break with the theory-oeuvre, and arrive at: “to each his own theory.”  Collective assemblages of enunciation produce their own theories by articulating themselves on planes of consistency.  Deadly subject-group theory (= collective assemblage of enunciation) oppose to: immortal theory of the subjected group (= theory’s fantasy). Theory is artifice. Its foundation is what, historically, is most deterritorialized, it works with machinic indices.

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Guattari Explains the AO to Jean Oury

Nov 5, 1971
Roundtrip to Geneva with [Jean] Oury [colleague, mentor, and Director of the La Borde Clinic Guattari worked at] to see a film by the Swiss TV on La Borde.  Totally boring.  Long conversation.  The book [Anti-Oedipus]?  I tried to sketch it out for him, insisting on the distinction between representation and production: the migration of Oedipus, the erection of a signifying order correlative to the Urstaat.  The need to hang analysis up on history and not grant fantasies and dreams the same function as myth or theater.  Conflict with Lacan can be avoided.  It will all depend on his attitude.  There’s no turning back now.   Continue reading “Guattari Explains the AO to Jean Oury”