Dark Deleuze:
>>(1) Timely Connections
>>(2) From the Chapel to the Crypt
>>(3) Hatred for this World

Part I:
>>Task: Destroy Worlds (Not Create Conceptions)
>>The Subject: Un-Becoming (Not Assemblages)
>>Existence: Transformation (Not Genesis)
>>Ontology: Materialism (Not Realism)
>>Difference: Exclusive Disjunction (Not Inclusive Disjunction)
Part II:
>>Diagram: Asymmetry (Not Complexity)
>>Affect: Cruelty (Not Intensity)
>>Organization: Unfolding (Not Rhizome)
>>Ethics: Conspiratorial Communism (Not Processural Democracy)
Part III:
>>Speed: Escape (Not Acceleration)
>>Flows: Interruption (Not Production)
>>Substance: Political Anthropology (Not Techno-Science)
>>Nomadism: Barbarian (Not Pastoral)
Part IV:
>>Distribution: The Outside (Not Nomos)
>>Politics: Cataclysmic (Not Molecular)
>>Cinema: The Powers of the False (Not The Forces of Bodies)
>>The Sensible: Indiscernibility (Not Experience)


Part 1:
>Chapter One
>>The Archaic State & The Priestly State
>Chapter Two
>>The Modern State & The Social State
Part 2:
>Chapter Three
>>Disemboweling the Metropolis
Part 3:
>Chapter Four
>Chapter Five

“The Savage Fruit of Alienation: A Book Review”
“Dispute or Disrupt? Desire and Violence in Protests Against the Iraq War”
“Philosophy, Science, and Virtual Communism”
“Ghost Stories & Nightmares”
Three others currently under review…

“Giving Shape to Painful Things: An Interview with Claire Fontaine” / RP / PDF

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