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A fire broke out last night at the Queen’s Nails Gallery on Mission Street in Bernal Heights, and the blaze was caused by an art project that went very, very — very — wrong.

According to the Queen’s Nails Facebook page, the gallery was in the process of “placing 50,000.00 matches into the wall so [artist] Claire Fontaine can burn the map of the US.”

Here’s a shot of the work taken on January 18:


With a plan like that, what could possibly go wrong? A person who was inside Queen’s Nails tells Bernalwood:

I was at the gallery on Mission tonight right before the fire started, and I witnessed the entire thing.

The fire was the result of an art installation gone awry. The piece that started the fire was an installation (called “burnt/unburnt”) by French artist Claire Fontaine which was in the final stages of preparation…

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  1. The comments to that story are fairly explicit about it. One made mention of encountering a snippet from Foucault while browsing at their defunct website that was linked within the article, and said the artwork itself was genius. Most of the Commentariat though were disturbed over the incident, and carried torches of their own, along with a few pitchforks.

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