Nomos Citations

Laroche, E Histoire de la racine nem- en grec ancien p140 n8 (schmitt)
Schaefer “Patronomos” in Paulys Realencyclopadie der Deutschen Altertumswissenschaft n8 (schmitt)
Plato Stateman Collected Dialogues of Plato 274e-276e n14
Aristotle Politics Book III, Chp 14, 1285, 29-30, also Chapter 10 34-5 n15
Rasch review of Laroche’s book Gnomon: Kritische Zeitaschrift fur die gesamte klassische Altertumswissenschaft
Pindar Carmina cum Frangmentis
Pohlenz “Nomos” Philologus: Zeitschrfit fur…
Pryzwara Humanitas
Heinimann Nomos und Physis
**mitchell dean
platonic nomos = place in community (rockhill and ranciere)
**foucault STP 188
Derrida force of law – plato ref
walker – geo implications for state theory
lefebvre – juridical implications
dillon/reid – agamaben stuff (zone of indistinction)
watson – implications

Georges Canguilhem’s The Normal and the Pathological. In there he takes to task writers who trace the etymology of anomalous to nomos, and it is his etymology that D&G cite in the becomings chapter in ATP.

ATP Refs:

xiii tranl intro Nomos/ Logos opposition smooth space (hold the street not hold the fort) translators forward
312 the refrain customary, unwritten law distribution in and of space – the refrain
353 nomad nomos / polis opp Go/Chess chess = code/decode go = terr/de-terr
360 Nomad interiority/exteriority state = interiority, reproduce self identitcally across variations, recognizable and public nomad (both WW and bands) = exteriority exists in its ability to create itself outside of state appropriation (though it will be appropriated in some ways) – it’s a perpetual field of interaction
369 nomad Nomos/ Logos opposition plato timaeus **agamebn smooth, striation constants vs. variables in variation
370 nomad nomos / logos AN EXCESS, a “more” leibniz’s calculus (371)
373 nomad Nomos/ Logos opposition translatability/reproduction
380 Nomad nomos / polis opp *good distr def common law’ later
382 nomad religion absolutes
384 nomad nomos/polis opp town(logos)-country(nomos)
385 nomad ?
386 nomad speed nomos = smooth space and a war machine.  Absolutely movement

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