Talk: The Molecular Revolution: Toward an Art of Distances

I had the pleasure of speaking at the University of Alberta in the Lectures on Ahuman Pedagogy series organized by jessie beier + jan jagodzinski. The talk I gave includes material from my recently-completed book on The Politics of the Unseen, including some situating work that may not appear in the book itself. Moreover, we had a wonderful conversation afterwords that prompted me to rewrite the section on “mobilization” to clarify its relationship to arche-conservative Ernst J√ľnger, the insurrectionary politics of Tiqqun, and our contemporary reticular society.

3 thoughts on “Talk: The Molecular Revolution: Toward an Art of Distances

    1. They must be training the neural nets well ; )

      One of these days I’ll move the blog to my own domain.

      One of the better recent pop-media books out is Richard Seymour’s Twittering Machine. I think you might dig parts of it.

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